Below is a collection of memories submitted by retirees from the many areas of our company in honor of our 100th Anniversary. Browse through the stories and pictures below and see how many people you recognize or remember!
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Helen Cooper (Bernard)
Chapel Hill, NC

"Kellogg has served as a savior for me when Kellogg bought out Keebler. Keebler was my (now deceased) husband's company's strong competitor; as such a "hated enemy".I was not allowed to keep any Keebler cookies in our home. Each time I received his pension check from Keebler, I felt he was turning over in his grave. However, when Kellogg bought out Keebler, my husband, I am sure, is now able to "rest in peace". THANK YOU, KEEBLER!.

Robert Ryan
Norwalk, CT

"KEEBLER: Ice Cream Contest. Won cruise to Bahamas. Also, won another contest, received Broadway Tickets and dinner in 1988.

Products: Love Townhouse, Club Crackers, Deluxe Chocolate Chips, Pecan Sandies, Oatmeal. Ernie, the Elf, loved by my children. Stuffed Ernie doll still comes out to spend Christmas with family. Also, Keebler train. Miss Christmas Cookie Tin, but product package good. Nice to still be remembered after retirement.

SUNSHINE: Loved Hydrox (better than Oreo) & Vienna Fingers

KELLOGG: Frosted Flakes, Special K, and All Bran Honey Oat Bars"


Carol Upston
Bellevue, MI

"I was hired in 1962 and was amazed at the size of the plant. Being a transplant from Vermont everything was big in Battle Creek. I couldn't believe my good fortune at being hired and I loved being on the Kellogg team. Fondest memory was taking my children to the Christmas Party at the W.K. Kellogg auditorium and Toby Tobias. My children looked forward to their Christmas box from Kellogg's and seeing Tony the Tiger. Kellogg's has been good to us and Jack and I were proud to be a part of the Kellogg story."

Caroline Hollis
Louisville, KY

"I enjoyed all 25 years. I remember in 1976 we started getting the Girl Scouts contracts. I remember in 1978 opening the discount Cookie Store for Mothers Cookies. Bill Bayers was my first customer he spent 39 cents. Later became the President of the Company. I retired from Kellogg in the year 2000."


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